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Default Re: Am I the only one who thinks Guerrero has a good chance?

Originally Posted by RingKing View Post
Because Hatton's inside fighting consisted of mauling, grappling, and some punches mixed in. I would almost say his style was a blitzkrieg type of attack. It worked well for him throughout his career against decent competition and he had a degree of success with it against FMJ, but to me, he attacked without setting FMJ for other shots. It appeared that he was basically trying to smother FMJ, wear him out by grappling and mauling, and it backfired after FMJ figured him out after a few rounds. In fact, I would even say that he smothered his own work.

Now I know you probably won't like this, but against Tyzsu, he butted, grappled, wrestled, low blowed, held, and mauled Tyzsu. It really wasn't a thing of skill or technique. It was a foul fest that was ugly to watch, unless of course you are a Ricky Hatton fan, no offense.
Good point about Ricky smothering his own work; it's what a lot of fighters do anxious to get Floyd. But for all the little dirty things Hatton sneaks in, it takes a great deal of craft to be able to position an opponent's body and "maul" the way he does. It may not always be clean and pretty but it's effective. Like I said in my last post, Floyd isn't among the best of infighters in history, but he doesn't have to be given the opponents he's faced and may face in the near future.
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