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Default Barrera vs Carlos Gabriel Salazar (13-04-94)

Curious fight vs the wily little Argie southpaw, if somewhat s****py and not particularly pleasing to watch. I don't know who on here has seen it before and was wondering what people make of it as a win for Barrera. It was actually a WBC Super flyweight eliminator, but Barrera - perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly - didn't make the weight; he looks very big next to Salazar.

I wonder how much of it was down to Barrera maybe being drained and relatively inexperienced, because he really seems to be struggling to get to grips with Salazar and the southpaw stance. I've never scored it round for round but I remember thinking that Barrera was perhaps fortunate to walk away with the decision, especially in Argentina. Not a robbery, but maybe very contentious?

Barrera moves to close the distance quick enough, but Salazar keeps circling away and to Barrera's right, away from his left hand and just out of range of his right. He also manages to block, parry and slip a fair deal of Barrera's somewhat lacklustre efforts (though he does get hit too) and tie him up on the inside while scoring steadily with some looping, winging counters, especially with the left. He was negative though at times and did a fair bit of spoiling, so I wonder if that didn't impress the judges....

Anyway here it is, for those who might be bothered.....




Who'd say it was a notable win for Barrera? I haven't seen Salazar's fights with Moon and Chitalada where he went the distance twice away from home, but he was more experienced than Barrera and went to achieve some form of success in the future with the alphabet belts, though the quality of opposition looks to have been somewhat dubious.

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