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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Now, here's a brain teaser...

Both men score knockdowns, and the action is mostly competitive otherwise.


Usually when two knockdowns are scored, people treat the round as they would any normal round - the knockdowns cancelling each other out. So whoever did better the rest of the time would get a 10-9.

The question becomes, how much does one have to really impose himself to become the 10-9 recipient in the event of a double KD? How much of a priority is it to avoid a 10-10?

Say Glass and Flamenco trade knockdowns, and if you subtract them both it would have been a "close-but-clear" 10-9 for Glass. (or one that half the people scoring saw one way, and half the other...)

Would that be an acceptable 10-10?

Of course, if Glass was dominant for 2+ minutes and they traded knockdowns it's a pretty clear-cut 10-9 to Glass...
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