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Default Re: 'Oscar De La Hoya's ATG ranking is similar to Pernell Whitaker's ATG ranking'

Originally Posted by Abdullah View Post
I agree with everything you said. I also had the Pernell-Oscar fight a draw, but only because of the WBC's very questionable point deduction rule. You know, when I fighter is the recipient of an accidental foul and gets cut then the other fighter automatically loses a point. That is why I had the fight a draw, otherwise I would have had Sweet Pea one point ahead.

Also, Pernell played around too much at the end of that fight. He still got the better of Oscar, plain and simple. According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal poll of writers who covered the fight, 14 scored it for Whitaker and 11 for De La Hoya.
Must be the same idiots who had Mosley winning their 2nd fight. Pernel can't back away the entire fight, put more effort in his dance moves than mounting any type of offense and landing more than a jab here and there. Oscar had pernel stunned at least once with a vicious uppercut early on and Pea got scared. The man who lands the most meaninful punches should win any fight and Oscar definitely did that.
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