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Default Re: Solomon Haumono TKO5 Kyotaro Fujimoto

Originally Posted by FilipMNE View Post
Listen i fallowed K1 constantly if he wasnt Japanese he would not even be in top 10, and i wrote wasnt really top K1 and he wasnt, he beat 100 years old Aerts and 100 years old Lebanner, while he is tough he was never any danger to the best fighter like Bonjasky, Badr Hari, Schilt etc only good fighter in prime he beat is Saki and he is really lucky that he came in a time when K1 quality went down because if he was around 6 or 7 years ago he would not be in final tournament!!!
And if you think i wrote this to say that other better K1 fighters would be good in boxing thats not my intention as you can see in any Badr Hari boxing savior thread
Who retired as a k1 champion?? Kyotaro was never the real champion and if you are talking about Schilt he is not retired he just KOd Ghita few days ago
Schilt is the Super Heavyweight champ. (and multiple-time heavyweight Grand Prix champ)

Different weight class. Thought you followed K1?
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