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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by lifestylechoice View Post
This is a great thread.

I understand if you don't want to answer this.....

At the level you and your fighters operate at how common is it for fights to be thrown? Have you ever suspected anyone you have been involved with has done this or have you ever been approached and asked to throw fights?
I have run across at least two that were fixed fights, and both ended badly for the guy who wanted the fix. One had to do with Joey Torres a few years back. Torres, and his oppt were about to touch gloves when Torres took a cheap shot and clipped his oppt, the oppt got ****ed and hit back for real, Torres went down and out. The ref started counting, 1 'er 'er 2, um 'er 3. Torres got up wobbly, the oppt started running afraid to hit back the ref stopped the fight in the 2nd rd, with the crowd yelling "Bull****,bull****".
The second fight I actually saw and was asked by the fighters father who had an undefeated son who was due to fight on ESPN in 2 weeks. He asked me to offer the oppt $200 to "go easy". I told him the guy he was fighting was a jounrneyman fighter, the kid should have no problem beating him. But fathers being fathers, went to the oppt's dressing room and made his $200 offer. The fighter said to pay him up front, well, to make a long story short, the journeyman lost the decision, but he fought his ass off and with every dirty trick in the book, butted and cut the kid, effectivily knocking him out of that ESPN fight. I asked the trainer of the oppt and he told me that the kid's father had come to the dressing room, offering the oppt $200, to go easy. The journey got insulted and decided to "fuk him up anyway he could, and he did.
Thats the only time in over 30 yrs watching fights that I knew, were fixed. There may have been others but I couldn't say.
There is really no need to fix a fight nowadays, if you have an up and coming guy, you match him with somebody with less skills, no chin, and absolutely no pop. At the elite level there is too much money involved and both want to win their eyes on what comes after. Boxing, doesn't have that gangster element, like they had in the 20's-40's. Primo Carnera, Jake LaMotta were involved in fixed fights, if you read anything about them, you will see they fooled nobody.
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