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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
It's a combination of allsorts of things IMO - the main one for me is his foot position when he looks to throw with it.

Just doesn't allow him to use his whole body to deliver the shot correctly.

IMHO Degale's poor punching technique and slapping, especially with his right hand was developed very early on with the pads. I don't think the person who first held the pads for him was holding them right.

I'm all for padwork, but it's a real skill and should be done by someone who knows how to hold them. Far too many trainers don't know how to hold the pads. Everyone uses them but if there's someone who doesn't know how to use them holding it for the fighter then it creates problems, imo. This is one of my biggest concerns with the mitts.

From the way Degale punches i can assume this was the case with him on the mitts when he started. He was taken on there too soon i would imagine. I bet the person holding it for him was bringing the mitts halfway to meet his punches, doing it very quickly and moving on to the next kid.

The whole point is to 'receive' and 'resist' the punch on the mitts, not to meet the fist, per se. By meeting the punches on the mitts, basically, The fighter is learning to hit a target that is halfway between him and the real thing.

It's easy to learn how to hit mitts, but very hard to learn how to hold them. We need good holders in order to develop good hitters. If we don’t have good holding, it will limit how far we can take the hitting.

It's just a hunch, but i think this is where Degale's problem stems from. I would love to know who his first mitt holder was.
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