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Default Re: Solomon Haumono TKO5 Kyotaro Fujimoto

Originally Posted by FilipMNE View Post
Are you aware that Tyrone Spong fought super heavyweights with 90 kg??? In K1 its not same like in boxing the real champions are champions that won Grand Prix at the end of the year something that even Badr Hari never managed to win and Schilt won it 4 times like Hoost did and Bonjasky won it 3 times...Kyotaro was pushed hard because he is Japanese because of K1 popularity there, just watch Bonjasky vs Musashi to see the attempted robbery because Musashi is Japanese Bonjasky pretty much dominated but had to fight 2 or 3 extra rounds in a final of grand prix tournament to win it, Kyotaro beat Lebanner because Lebanner refused to go extra round because he felt he was robbed just as Bonjasky was..
Kyotaro lost his last K1 fight to guy that is not super heavyweight so he was even heavyweight champion when he finished with K1...
So just like i told you Kyotaro never won World Heavyweight Tournament and thats the only thing that counts in K1, there is nothing close to this title!
It seems you have some anti-Japanese sentiment where K1 is concerned.

Musashi and Kyotaro are both recognized as very good. Not the best, but very good. You're the first person I've ever heard suggest either benefited from excessive gift judging, or only made it to a visible level due to their nationality as opposed to merit.

Your original claim that he was never one of the top K1 fighters is still wrong.
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