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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by thehawk View Post
Thanks for the detailed response. Just a few more questions , do you think that 33 % is kind of high considering that you only take 10% ? I assume most managers take care of many fighters whereas a fighter only has his own fights to get paid in. Also as the fighter gets bigger paydays does this cut stay the same?

What do you think of the boxing business as a whole. Seems like a contractual free for all where the smartest and best legally equipped do the best. Do you think that a UFC style organisation is better or is boxing just too big worldwide for anything like that to be possible.
I do think the 33% is too high, when you realize that the fighter also has to pay 10% to his boxing coach, sometimes the trainer will say,"I will take care of the cutman and the conditioner", but that is not always the case. Some trainers will say they get 10%,and thats what they want. In that case the fighter may have to pay the cutman(1-2%) and the conditioner or asst trainer, (2-3%). If the manager is taking his 33%, then if the fighter has training camp expenses, which includes bringing in sparring. The manager and the fighter total up the expenses, and the fighter pays 66 2/3% of the expenses the manager pays 33 1/3%. Look everything is negotiable but some managers and trainers are stubborn. Every case is different, try to educate yourself on the business end of boxing. The UFC promoters are making all the money, I would think they would tell the MMA guys, you dont need no stinkin' managers this ain't boxing. If boxing managers went into UFC, fergitboutit, even the best MMA guys out there while making good money are not being paid like in boxing, when they generate huge PPV numbers which an elite MMA fighter doesnt get a share of.
MMA guys should look at the the boxers purses as opposed to theirs.
Fighters Boxer or MMA, educate yourselves to protect yourselves.
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