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Default Re: Well Done Amir Khan

the idea that as soon as khan fights a big puncher he's going down is *******s. if he fights like he did tonight, then for sure he will, but you'd be a ****ing simpleton to believe that a fighters mentality and approach to a fight doesnt change when he's up against a guy with proven KO power. Khan needs now to show that he can learn from this. Im sure in the back of his mind he went into the fight tonight thinking that limond didnt have the power to hurt him given his record, cearly he did and he'll learn that you cant take that kind of attitude into any fight, no matter who you're facing, you get hit with 3 or 4 clean flush shots with intent behind them, it's gonna hurt.

if khan sorts his defence out, and gets the chance to gather the kind of experience and ring savvy limond showed tonight, he'd have a chance at world level. he's probably gonna get KO'd and beat in his career, but unlike naz he looks like he's got the heart to fight on. you dont have to go through your career unbeaten to be a great.
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