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Default Re: Solomon Haumono TKO5 Kyotaro Fujimoto

Calm yourself.

A) I didn't say you were racist.

B) I didn't say Musashi wasn't better than Kyotaro.

C) I didn't say Musashi deservedly beat Remy.

You're the one who claimed both of them were carefully maneuvered to the top non-meritoriously, and were the frequent recipients of home judging.

I know the Japanese guys tend to get the loudest cheers in the organization's home country, no **** - but that doesn't mean there's institutionalized corruption or that Japanese kickboxers who rise up in the organization aren't earning their way legitimately.

...and JLB was in the wrong when he threw his tantrum. There was no robbery there.

So please, cite some additional examples of either Kyotaro or Musashi receiving gifts (besides Bojansky) before you paint a picture of Japanese competitors being handed everything on a silver platter just because they're popular at home.
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