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Default Re: trout arresred?

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Did not expect that from Trout. But then again, this could be something that casts him in a bad light without having any substance to it. I can imagine a scenario in which he goes out drinking with some friends, gets well tipsy, ends up at a fast food place, gets heckled or confronted by someone for one reason or another, and is more or less forced to engage physically. Hours later he's arrested.
Exactly, who knows what really happened, but trout doesn't come off as a troublemaker.
Probably hanging out, trying to get food and got into it. You know as a fighter normally does when confronted, or anyone of us when we go out.

Now if it was about Broner, Judah, or even Floyd then yeah it's more than likely that they started it.
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