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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Sonny has a couple inches of reach but Wlad has 5 inches of height, which means the jab is coming down on 6 foot Liston from farther away. And those who have tasted Wlad's jab say it packs plenty of power.

But the real factor here is footwork. Wlad gets set and unset so much faster, something Ali deciphered. Liston would be bumbling around like a mummy, walking into thudding jabs until his face was hamburger.

Well seeing how Sonny was no where near his prime when he fought Ali what Ali did dosen't matter Liston in his prime had much better movement and what was Sonny going to do in the Ali fight dance with him just aimlessly follow him on his toes getting hit even more? , oh yeah but i forgot Wlad moves around like a 22 year old Ali woops Even with all Alis movement he got tagged with a hard left hook early on you can hear it i don't think Wlad had the chin of Ali do you .. If Ali could move like that and still get hit moving back what goes for Wlad, Wlad isn't some unbeatable guy everyone can be beaten
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