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Default Re: Bert Sugar's top 10 ATG

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
1. Joe Louis
2. Muhamed Ali
3. Jack Dempsey
4. Jack Johnson
5. Gene Tunney
6. Rocky Marciano
7. Ezzard Charles
8. George Foreman
9. Joe Fraizer
10. Larry Holmes
List is garbage. I don't really do these lists but still.

Dempsey isn't even top 30 let alone top 3.

Gene Tunney wouldn't beat Roy Jones. Indeed, he'd get the Richard Hall treatment.

Foreman is nowhere near top 10. Or top 20. I could keep going.

Does Charles really have the wins to be top 10 at heavyweight?

Frazier, frankly, is too one-dimensional and undersized to be top 10. I think he gets "Foreman-d" by quite a few big punchers who can push him around.
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