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Default Re: The Real Reason Why Pacquiao Get's Hated on.

Originally Posted by Godsavethequeen View Post
Shut the **** up yopu re****. Cotto a picked fight? Hatton? Mosley?
Hatton ONE defeat Cotto One defeat and went on to win another title. Mosley Knocked down by Pac, Mosley then went on to Canelo and you say Pac cherry picked lol..
As for your so called excuses Pac never refused the test FACT it was based on the cut off date but for the last 2 years has said he would take the test.
I have not heard anything about Pacquiao being afraid of needles from his mouth. ANd even so there is a HUGE difference between a Syringe and a Tattoo needle. And as for having blood taken and weakening you it is a FACT go research it.
The Stadium issue is nothing to do with Pac its Arum, the cut issue was also Arum and Roach and yes if you want to do business then yes you go to his Manager.
Pac is not the best technical fighter by far, but he has beaten the best relevant PPV fighters out there and at weights he had no right fighting at..
ODLH called out Pac FOR MONEY thinking it would be an easy option after his narrow loss to Fraud Willnever and Pac pretty much jumped UP 3 weight divisions, as he only fought ONCE at Light weight against a Champion Diaz..yet its idots like you who think Pac dehydrated ODLH but ODLH is the one doing the cherry picking and FAILED.
I would bet you also think Bradley beat Pac lmao along with all the other Pac haters. Or is it that you just don't like some of the Pacquiao fans? I would bet on that one, but then I can not stand you non-sensicle drivel of hate and slander ALL the time hence why a Pacquiao fan would respond to your false statements.. Live with the fact that Pac is still one of the greatest of our ERA and if you can not do that expect to be hated on yourself you RE****
What a joke of a post.

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