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Default Re: Marquez vs Pacquiao 5 . . . . why?

Originally Posted by Villain View Post
You lost me right there. You're not really open to an answer.

Styles make fights. Fighter B having the right style to give fighter A fits doesn't automatically make him a better fighter.

The resume determines greatness, not any one fight or any one opponent.

Now to answer your question anyway... Any real fan of boxing loves it when two p4p guys give everything they have at the highest skill level and go all out guns blazing. Why would any true fan NOT want to see another fight is the question. There is really only one answer to that and you know it.

If the fighters want to do it again, I'll watch it with excitement! If either of them are done and don't want it, well they earned that too.
Stopped reading there. Manny is no where near a highly "skilled" fighter. He has ability and talent but skills are not paying Pacquiao's bills. Casual fans of boxing who worship Manny like a teen girl worships ****** Beiber support Manny and sadly have dwindeled since JMM/Pac 3 fight hence destoying any kind of 50/50 claim made by Team Pac. A 5th fight would be stupid and will not sell more than the 4th fight. Plus its another opportunity for Pac to look worse again which has been the trend since fight number 4. Any direction Manny takes now will just further hurt him. Thats regardless if its a Rios fight, a Cotto fight at 154, Bradley 2 or JMM 5. Personally he should just retire and quit while he still is somewhat still worshipped by people.
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