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Originally Posted by Quincy K View Post
please explain to everyone here why canelo beat up a 5'3" 108 pound man? if a guy steals my girlfriend so be it. it wasnt meant to be. better now than later. but then again, i dont suffer form low self-esteem issues that generally accompanies bullies. isnt being born 5'3" and 108-pounds bad enough for archie? have you ever known any boxer, champion or contender, to beat up a guy the size of a 12-year-old boy? ive never heard of such a thing in the 30+ years following the sport.

why do you continue to argue with me?

you always end up looking dumb in the process.
There are so many things you've never sen in 30+ you always write the same **** in canelo related threads did he **** your mom or sister like Damn dude, saying I look dumb doesnt make it true another one of your favorite lines to say your like a broken record pick up some new material already. Plus I could care less about 108 pound Archie you don't know the circumstances of that

show me an article which states Archie stole his girl? You can't cause Ur just a bs hater spinning it.
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