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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Originally Posted by Gander Tasco View Post
There's no reason you can't rate Pacquiao above Chavez. It could be argued either way.

As to who would win, I'd have to favor Pacquiao's style / ability over Chavez - who was a great in-fighter, and swarming-type fighter, but that's not the way to fight Pacquiao.
Manny's style isn't the way to defeat Chavez either. Whitaker was able to pull it off and Taylor almost did, but paid the price. Manny just doesn't have the IQ and ring generalship Whitaker had to upset Chavez. Perhaps at 147 I'd give an edge to Pacman just slightly as a benefit of the doubt, but not at 135 or 140. This is no Ricky Hatton, Chavez would trade his straight rights with Manny's lefts and walk Manny down. Manny would counter Chavez, gain an,early lead, but he'd find out real quick his punches don't affect Chavez same way he hurt Hatton. Manny would have success with lateral movement, but he's a fighter, the instant he gets caught on the ropes he fights back, getting lured into a fight, and thats where Chavez's superior infighting changes the tide. Between Manny and Chavez clashing together going forward in a straight line, I really doubt Manny would move Chavez back. His speed and footwork might bother Chavez, but Manny never was a boxer. He'd fight against one of the best fighters in history. That would be his downfall.
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