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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Originally Posted by Chempasillo View Post
okay, you pick only 1 think out. than argue with the best trainer of the last 20 years.

my basis is what you can see in a video and that is what you and anybody else can see and that is a fighter (manny) moving faster, hitting harder than another (chavez). my only point is, that by watching those 2 videos, is the manny is simply more explosiv and energized than chavez ever was and chavez would get ****ed up. that's all.

one of you guys even said, that with time comes improvemant. boxers become physicly simply better. in all sports. look how they dunked back than in the 60's in basketball, look how dwight howard or blake griffin jump now. or look how much faster usain bolt is compared to sprinter of back than. all I am saying is, one of you even admit that manny is physicly much mroe gifted than chavez (which would be one big reason he would beat him, because as far as I am concerned, cotto and berrera's boxing fundamentals were superior to those of manny and manny beat them because he was simply the quicker, harder puncher, with more endurance (barely nobody beats pacquiao when it comes to endurance and overall condition, also no chavez).

but is fair to say just because human body updated and become stronger faster more athletic, that you can't compare boxers of today with boxers of the past.

emanuel said, that manny would beat henry. when I watch the videos, I see someone going head first (henry), often very open and unlseashing a lot of punches makinghim even more open, therefore I would say just like emanuel, that henry gets wrecked up, because you can't go head first open and not expecting to not get ****ed up by manny. also manny was also more engerized than henry. and I don't give a damn about sympathy, because I dont know either henry or manny and can't say if I like or dislike them ( I may even dislike more manny than henry, because I love dogs and I heard back than manny was doing dog fighting, so **** em), but thats not my point, my point is not sympathy, my point is "who is better in the ring than the other". and if I believe videos and my personal knowledge of boxing than I see manny kicking both the ass of either henry or chavez (and the tape shows that they are slower). would manny have technical problems with chavez, because of chavez's solid fundamentals and superb right, sure manny would have problems, would have chavez problems with the superb speed and punching power of manny, yes chavez would have a lot of problems. would chavez ultaimtly get caught, yes, that's what I think.
It's just a load of bull****. Blatantly incorrect facts once again. Chavez has equal stamina, he's demonstrated it time and time again over 12. He'll get "caught?" He has one of the best chins in boxing's history, and is an excellent defensive fighter. Your knowledge and your assessment of videos means nothing since you can't put a technical argument forward. You mentioned he's more skilled, I give you an array of fundamental skills Chavez surpasses Pacquiao with. You say he's faster and likes pressure, I mention a lesser fighter beating Manny by backing him up without the same speed. Then you laughably turn to Ring Magazine yearly rankings, as if they encapsulate the abilities of a fighter across generations.

You like Manny better. Doesn't change the facts. He's quicker, but he's not smarter. He's tough, but not tougher. He's great, but not the greatest. Get used to it. Who you beat is what matters, and in this era, Pac has accomplished a great deal, but not enough to suggest he easily surpasses Chavez and climbs the ranks of the top 10-15.

I'm not even against the idea that Manny can win, it's just that your reasoning is bull****. You can't paint a picture of how the fight will go because you ignore every facet of truth that works against your favor. Manny can't fight on the inside, and he's been backed up and cornered by lesser pressure fighters. So once he's there what's hes going to do? Once you can answer that question, you can start finding real possibilities. But for now, stick to cherishing second-hand comments from known figures and arbitrary out-of-the-ring measurements of a fighter's ability. It seems to be the only way Pacquiao surpasses or beats Chavez in your head.
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