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Default Re: The Real Reason Why Pacquiao Get's Hated on.

Originally Posted by bald_head_slick View Post
Look is this. First reason you are probably a Pac****.

Cotto, Hatton, and Mosley were **** fights. Cotto was demolished by Margarito, gifted Clottey's belt, and STILL forced to meet a catchweight. Hatton was completely destroyed by Mayweather. Mosley? You mean the same Mosley that was begging him for a fight after stopping Margarito while Pac steadily refused? Then Pac magically was willing after FMJ spanked him. Yes, Pac cherry picked! Not even to mention that magic belt that Margarito was gifted to make history for Pac.

If Pac refused the protocol, Pac refused the test! Pac was even busted by HBO 24/7 TWICE!!!! Once because he refused to test under 30 days for FMJ, but tested at 24 for Hatton. Second because Team Pacfraud got on interviews and put up web fight clocks saying they accept all testing, but Koncz says they offered a 7 day cut off. LIES!

From his mouth? His promoter is HIS PROMOTER! If it was a lie Pac would come out and counter it. Then you go on to qualify why a syringe is a bigger issue than a tattoo needle? WTF? Is Pac not scared or is being scared legitimate? Make up your mind.

So Pac's promoter has nothing to do with him? Do you even believe this nonsense? So you really think Roach has something to do with the cut? You are clueless!

Pac has beaten names at catchweights or coming off of losses. This goes all the way back to his Morales days. Pac has beaten nobody relevant. Pac has lived off of the legend that he *might* be competitive with FMJ while beating leftovers. Marquez, the same guy who FMJ schooled, woke Pac****s up from their dream.

No idiot, ODLH fought Pac because ODLH and FMJ had a two fight contract with the second fight occurring at 147. FMJ knew nobody wanted to see a rematch and retired. ODLH just needed a dancing partner. Pac jumped on it. ODLH was a shell and the fight meant literally nothing. Then "champion" Diaz? WTF? You mean the same Diaz that Kendall Holt knocked out cold in 8? Funny, once again, Pac jumps numerous divisions fighting the SAME slow come forward fighter while somehow totally avoiding the guys that beat them previously.

Bradley did beat Pac. With two broken feet! If Pac felt he was the better man he would have rematched Bradley and set the record straight. Much like Mayweather did with Castillo, but he DIDN'T! Pac choked! Instead he chose not to fight the fight we wanted to see, but to fight a guy he beat 3 times previously. Pac cherry picked and bit a pit!

Pac is a complete fraud. Fighting guys with names, coming off of losses, gifted belts through promotional BS, and crippled by catchweights. That fraud and his fans are now done in Boxing. May their vile stench blow away in the cleansing wind that was Marquez' overhand right counter!
There you go again making up **** lmao
Who fought Cotto after Pac??? yes Fraud and Canelo.
You must be a HUGE ***** to say Bradely beat Pac and with 2 broken feet lmao You obviously have no idea and just believe what other idiots like yourself write about here a ESB that just hate on Pacquiao.
Oscar picked out Pac for an supposed easy Pay Day, I see you do not give Credit to Pac for jumping up 3 weight Divisions..
Your comment on Bradley is just pure dumb. Pac Beat Bradley go ask anyone involved in the sport how they scored it, hell go ask a mexican. But yes on paper its a Loss just Like JMM 3 was. And the reason he never fought Bradley is simple PPV and no one wants to see Bradley fight Pac for a good reason. And no its not because he would lose its because it would be just the same Pac being dominant.
Diaz was the Light weight WBC Champ and Not coming off a loss and had only the one loss to Holt yeras before.
You use JMM vs Fraud Willnever as an example LMFAO he was a Pac left over that Fraud made climb 2 weight divisions and he did not move up as well to the WW division as he has NOW FACT just take a look at the Pics of JMM then and against Pac 3 or 4.

Pac Catch weights were Cotto all 2lb of it at a weight were Pac had only one fight. And Margacheato, who in all fairness Pac should not of faced but he messed up a guy who weighed 16lbs more anyway.

The testing issue is a non starter because for over 2 years Pac has said he would take the test but Fraud ducks like a pro. Hatton said he should have made the same blood testing demand as Floyd Mayweather, Jr. a bit of a difference between what you say and what HATTON said..

Again you are a Hater... I am not hating on Fraud or JMM .. but all you do is turn stuff to suit you..
Get a life ****
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