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Default Re: Whitaker's Reign

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
You don't think Whitaker deserved '94, '95? Beat the hell out of McGirt in their rematch then went up to 154 and beat the much bigger and established holder in Vasquez (who was #1 at the time, just as McGirt at 147 before his first fight with Whitaker).
Giving Whitaker the benefit of the doubt at the time and keeping him at #1 was just fine, but honestly, by that point, he wasn't the best fighter in boxing anymore. In retrospect, that seems pretty clear.

I think a similar thing is happening right now, btw. Floyd, like Pea, retains the top spot because of all the quality work he's put into his career and he'll likely keep it on most lists until he loses or at least looks real bad in a fight, but I personally don't see him as being genuinely the best fighter in boxing anymore. Not that he's far off or anything, but as they are now, I think Ward's better, and maybe Donaire, too. Those two have certainly been doing more impressive work recently.

It's probably part of the reason why a lot of P4P kings seem to fall so very far so quickly. There's a tendency to rate them as #1 when they really aren't #1 anymore.
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