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Default Re: Whitaker's Reign

Originally Posted by Slickstar View Post
Quite a surprise that Whitaker ended up becoming a constant name in the Top 25 ATGs wheres Roy is nowhere to be found within that range.

I will make some more of these threads for highly ranked and fairly modern greats like Leonard and Duran
It's interesting how some fighters can be perceived during their time and how they are perceived post career.

Some were questioning whether Chavez would overtake Ray Robinson during his rise to 87-0. More often than not you don't see his name amongst the 20 best fighters now. Will probably only get downgraded even further from hereon too...

Chavez had a pretty ignominious fall, 'copping out' against Randall, quitting against DLH and getting questionable decisions against the likes of MAG along the way.

Roy too had a pretty bad fall from grace. Consecutive knockouts and then a string of horrible performances where he's looked a shell of himself, taking losses to guys he'd have schooled easily in his pomp.

Whitaker, although having a pretty rapid fade, by contrast showed quite a bit of character in his post-prime days, and people who always wondered whether he had heart to back up his skills got their answer when his skills faded away and he was left naked with his heart in the ring.

Sometimes the way a fighter ends their career can make people change their perception rapidly.
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