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Default Re: Well Done Amir Khan

Khan has all the talent to become a world champion but talent and potential mean nothing if you do not have the right people around you to nuture such potential. From the very begining I was mortified by his choice of trainer and I have seen nothing since Khan turned pro to change my initial opinion.

Khan has progressed very little since his amatuer days much like Froch who also has natural abilty but has not been molded into a style that complements his natural talents and lessen his weaknesses. Khan has always looked his best when fighting off the back foot, this was evident when he fought Kindelean in the Olympics and when they rematched for Khans last amatuer fight. Khan at the moment is too static, he often comes to his opponents and is the first to lead even though he has the advantages in height, reach and speed.

What improvements we have seen have been very basic things, like keeping his hands higher though he often leaves himself open when he does open up and working the body which he didn't do enough of last night. These things can be drilled into any young fighter by any trainer. What we haven't seen is an evolution in his style and technique. Khan could be a superb counter puncher if somebody ever taught him to counter punch and I don't recall him trying a single feint last night.

Young talents such as Khan, Froch and Haye in my opinion are being wasted as they are not reaching their full potential based upon the natural abilty they possess due to the best talents in Britain being satisfied being trained by decent trainers and not world class trainers which the best of Britain should be striving for.

Having said that Khan did well last night to comeback from being almost KO'ed. He showed a champions heart if not the ability.I also thought he did look nervous coming into the ring and it showed in his performance. He didn't use as much movement as I have seen in previous fights, he often over extended his punches in an attempt to impress and forgot about working the body which is something he has done a lot of recently. He put on a poor performance and almost paid the price. He needs to make changes and soon or when he steps up again he won't be getting up the next time he hits the canvas.
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