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Default Re: Whitaker's Reign

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
There's definitely an argument, and that's in 20/20 hindsight. At the time? It's probably 100% justified. So which years do you unofficially give Whitaker considering he made Ramirez (twice), Haugen, Nelson and Nazario look amateur in becoming the undisputed lightweight champion (something that has not been done since)? Taking a strap off Pineda at 140, going up and beating the #1 Welter in the world (and Lineal Champ) in McGirt in a third weight class, all before proving himself superior to Chavez, whom you've both said he would've beaten even years prior to the actual fight? And with Julio being basically shot at that point, right? I'll give you Jones, but where's the get-back? He's on par with either of them peak-for-peak and greater than both.

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Clearly he's the best by '93. Probably a few years before. '91 maybe. Its nebulous either way because it is to hard to tell who the best is. Who was better in '87 Chavez or Tyson? Who was better in '74 Ali, Monzon, or Duran? Pea can be a better fighter than either guy and not be the best fighter in the world in any one year by doing it the ****** Spahn way; jaw dropping consistency. Though I feel the real difference between these guys is negligible.
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