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Default Re: Could Wladimir Klitschko Do This To Tyson?

Originally Posted by itsa huge ***** View Post
look at tysons fights up untill he actually won the title..all ****ing terrible thats where im getting the well matched from..
He fought all the ranked opponents one by one, he fought in an eliminator tournament

How is that well matched

There was no 'matching' or selecting of opponents

He started boxing in 1985. And by late 1986 he had 27 fights. And in the 28th he won the world championship

Remember that in another thread you stated

Originally Posted by itsa huge ***** View Post
i hate when people bring up who wlad was fighting for his 15th fight..considering the time scale in which he had his first 15 fights
Tyson had 20 fights within 1 year (that's an average of about 2 fights every month, and unified the divison 3 years and 3 months after his pro debut

What's not to rate

There certainly wasn't any clever match making or ducking going on

The 80s were about as weak as today, And that was why Tyson cleaned the **** out of the division and swept all in his wake

After great eras (the 70s) there is always a lull (the early-mid 80s)

after the 90s era wound down in the early 2000s, there has been a lull and now there are again a new crop of exciting HW's emerging

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