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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Kashtanov, was kicking Peter Quillan's ass in sparring, I believe from what I heard Top Rank passed on him I believe they are making a huge mistake. Goldenboy might make an offer since they signed Ogogo, but I hope they dont wind up with Lomachenko. The promoter for Lomachenko would be Top Rank. I know the guys with K2, I 'am going to call them and find out if they are interested or if not, why not, Lomachenko has the makings of an ATG. He beat Jose Ramirez like his daddy and Ramirez started crying that they got robbed that is until everybody saw the tape, they shutup quick. Ramirez just signed with Top Rank, he didnt look all that. I wonder why Top Rank didnt sign him, cos I have spoken to one of Top Ranks people and he loves Lomachenko. Eric Fowler found out the hard way that the WSB experience was a bad one for him fowler wanted to make his pro debut in Texas. The Texas boxing mission, informed Fowler that his WSB record stands as his pro record. He was 5-2, with the WSB, Fowler couldn't fight a four rd he had to fight a six rd guy.
I think that Lomachenko didn't look as good as he usually does at those Worlds in 2011, including against Ramirez. He won comfortably imo but he didn't look like the phenom he usually does. Ramirez seems to get slower and less accurate every time I see him, he seems very determined so I think he might overtrain a bit. I actually think he has big potential if he gets his training right.
I'm sure those guys made every effort to sign Lomachenko, when you're that sort of talent you'd dictate everything and it seems that Lomachenko and his father are committed to making the right decision when it's time, they don't like to get ahead of themselves or rush anything.
I heard about that WSB thing and the pro records, pretty rotten but I don't think that will bother Lomachenko too much, he's not going to lose any fights. 5 rounds against other top amateurs and pro rules in the WSB, a 6 round debut against a lesser calibre fighter when he turns pro for real shouldn't be a challenge.
Do you know if they've made any attempts to rectify the WSB record counting as pro record thing?
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