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Default Greatest head to head fighters ever?

The other day I was thinking about who were the greatest head to head boxers ever in the original weight classes.

With lack of proper footage pre the 1930s, what is everyone top 3 best head to head fighters in each category? I know there is footage of Jack Johnson etc but honestly feel its not good enough to judge it by. In a way if you had to show the an entire list of figths to a person who had never watched boxing who would your picks be.

I gave it a go and had this, some ive left out as i dont know enough on that weight division-

Featherweight 126-
1. H. Armstrong

Lightweight 135-
1. R. Duran
2. P. Whitaker

Welterweight 147-
1. S.R. Leonard
2. T. Hearns

Middleweight 160-
1. M. Hagler
2. C. Monson
3. S.R.Robinson

Light-Heavy 175-
1. B. Foster
2. M. Spinks
3. E. Charles

Cruiser 200-
1. E. Holyfield
2. R. Marciano
3. J. Louis ( i know they were heavies but rocky was well under 200 and Joe fought around 200 to 207)

1. M. Ali
2. L. Lewis
3. M. Tyson

Not conclusive but from the top of my head, also dont think there is any footage of Robinson at welter even though he was meant to be great.
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