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Default Re: What Style Do You Prefer -- Brawler or Runner/Potshotter?

I prefer runners & potshotters. As skillful as infighting can be, it rarely impresses or excites me. Gatti vs. Ward was more exciting when they were arms length away and catching each other w/ straights and long hooks, than when they were in tight. And as praised as Corales/Castillo I was by everyone, I liked it, but it wasn't as great for me as it was for others.

I would rather watch PBF or Paul Malignaggi fight from the outside any day than watch B-Hop, Corrales, or Hatton.

On a side note, have you noticed that style of fighting is only called potshotting when the puncher doesn't get hit back? I guarantee that if PBF or Spinks or Malignaggi got hit more often when using that style, more people would accept it.
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