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Default Re: I Want to Become a Slickster

ok hear go's ,,,yoga as no place in boxing they concentrate on holding body motion to be still ,in boxing it's your stance that gives your balance & your never still your always on the move this makes your reflex action more sharp

slip line ,,,,,this exercise is not used for slips ,,,its used for rolls meaning rolling under Hooks ,,,,for example if you do use this exercise through 2 or 3 straight Punch's then roll under with a counter hook ,,this then makes it real ,,,there is lots of others to practice but try to make it real slips are for straight punching---rolling right to left or left to right is for rolling under hooks

but anyway, to me this is what makes a slickster

1,,80% of the time on the back foot
2,,mostly always counter with the jab first
3,,knowing the opponents boxing style ,,gives you a plan of attack
4,,4-6 faints in one round ,,this then gets a reaction,,which then gets you a power shot opening
5,,lots of light shot to create opening as well as saving energy
6,,looking at his/her chin thats the target, only look in their eyes if your in control of the fight
7,,be relaxed for a better reflex punch
8,,jab ,jab,,then jab some more **** of your opponent for him to then make mistakes (theres your opening)
9,,have a good guard to take some Punch's ,,sometimes you have to take a shot to find the opening
10,,slip and counter

off the top of my head that it for now ,,,to me this is what a slickster needs,,
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