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Default Re: Greatest head to head fighters ever?

Marciano does get belittled quite a lot and I think there are a few factors involved.

Beating up the very popular and also very aged Joe Louis probably didn't help him win fans. Also he was around just before the scene exploded with Liston, Clay, Frazier, Foreman etc. so didn't have the glamour of that era to compete in.

I have seen him slated by some of the americans on forums and it often gets brought down to racial lines, that Marciano is over rated by white fans because he is one of the few decent white heavyweights anyone can remember. He had an incredible right hand though and serious power and took some savage punishment in the ring at times which generally makes someone exciting to watch.

I think it's pretty widely accepted he would be too small to compete with the HW's of the 70's to the current date but would always have stood more than a punchers chance. Tyson against Marciano would have certainly been a slug fest!
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