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Default Re: Shouldn't KO% come from dividing KO's over wins?

Originally Posted by cuchulain View Post
There's nothing wrong with listing both percentages.

However, the more significant stat is KOs/total fights.
Kayos out of total wins is a thoroughly meaningless statistic. There isn't ever a need to extrapolate it.

Someone who pads themselves up on their local regional circuit to 10-0 (8.) only to be exposed upon stepping up and becomes a stepping stone en route to a 10-18 record...has a KO% of 28% that accurately reflects their power.

Deeming them an 80% KO wright (by the other proposed method) is foolish.

Said person could be completely feather fisted (and eight stoppages in 28 contests does generally suggest just that), but fed enough bums early on to appear otherwise on paper.
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