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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Originally Posted by Juiceboxbiotch View Post
I don't feel like it would be a priority to avoid scoring a 10-10 round just for scoring sake. If the boxers trade knockdowns in an already evenly contested round, why not score it 10-10? Even rounds are even.

These examples are pushing the scoring system to the limit!
Sorry. Can't help myself.

I's good exercise.

I would be remiss for not pointing out that if a boxer is dominating a round as you say AND scores a late knockdown... the ref would probably be stopping the fight before the judges get a chance to score the round. That's why you'll probably never see such a scenario unfold. Still, I'll bite on the scoring. I would probably still just go with 10-8 in either situation. If I'm giving 10-7, we've got a terrible ref who should never work a pro fight again.
Probably. But for arguments sake, in a test-a-theory sort of way, or even better, how about if................... oh nevermind.
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