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Default Fury calling out on UFC champ Velasquez on Twitter

I don't know if this has already been posted or not but

U all herd it hear first if @cainmma has ball to fight me then lets go! @danawhite @AdamHarrisbox @hsportscanada @HennessySports

I'm the new baddest man on the planet I'll smash @cainmma. Let's get it on! @danawhite @AdamHarrisbox @HennessySports @MikeTyson

@cainmma I challenge u to fight all in in a cage or ring! It could be billed as the man vs midget lets get it on! U small stif idiot. Tit!

Cain valasquez is a little midget on steds bring it on I'll fight. Not a man born from his mother can beat me! Contact Hennessy sports!

Tyson is off his ****ing head

I don't mean to turn this into a boxer vs mma fighter thread because I love both sports, and have no bias either way but seriously..

If these two squared up Cain Velasquez would drop him on his ****ing head and beat him ****ing senseless, I'd love to see it
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