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Default Re: trout arresred?

Originally Posted by mosseylennon View Post
I can image you dancing and high fiving your trolls that surround your computer desk everytime you say your catchphrase " now sit down, stfu and get back in line" or " that's what I thought" .

Get some help mate before its too late.

I think your 30+ of being a boxing fan has taken its toll on you poor soul.
are you guys going to take the bet or not? if not, i guess you are conceeding to "sitting down, shutting the **** up and getting in the back of the line."

canelo loses before he beats three top five ranked opponents. i will accept this same bet with broner that he will not lose before defeating three top five opponents and I dont sit here and berate and ridicule other forum members regarding adrian.

here is a list of current guys fighting that have accomplished this without guys like you and doc sucking pink **** and taunting other forum members.

dawson, floyd, ward, vitali, wlad, paq, jmm, hopkins, taylor, jones jr., sergio, cotto, mosely(is coming outof retirement), bradley, zab and froch.

as for the word "mate" i take it youre not of mexican descent although youre living in mexico? tijauna, mexico? a complete ****hole?

you need to get yourself one of these fm-3 rentista visas that way you dont have to live in tj.

****ing tj as an ex-patriate?

what gringo needs to live in tj?

like i said. you need to find the means(capital) to get one of these fm-3 rentista visas and get out of tj. i feel bad for you. you would have to be a pretty "poor soul" to have to live in tj, the ****hole of mexico.
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