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Default Re: If Roy Jones Jr and Sugar Ray Leonard were the same size...

Thsi would be a great fight, perfectly matched, but i've got to go for the Leonard that beat Benitez, SRL has the chin & although his defence was'nt the best he compensated that by employing those ballistic multi combo barrages. I'm attempting to find a way where Roy can get the accendancy in this fight?

Holding ring centre & slugging it out with Ray spells eventual disaster for Roy. He'll do well with his countering but he'd have to emply maximum caution when he does as you've only got to look at the 13th round against Hearns when SRL opened up. More i ponder on this the more i see Leonard getting right onto Roys chest, Roy ai'nt gonna leg it like Tommy did & box & move from the ouside, it's all gonna be conducted mid range with SRL jumping Roy's counters, Leonard wins ugly by makes this a slugfest & wins a UD or KO.

Roy will definetly cause problems for leonard just as Duran did in Montreal as we saw Roberto outbox & outsmart leonard from Mid Range & near on KO'd him in the 2nd hence Leonard opted for safety by reckening he could over[power the older & smaller man & it turned into a disaster for him.

Roy's gonna land plenty early & look good doing it, but Leonard was such a vicious ******* & once he'd got the range of Roy he'll let it all go. This will be no chess match, it's a slugfest which i can't see Roy escaping unscathed, just can't see how Roy keeps SRL honest, Roy has not the natural phycotic aggression than Duran possesed juxtaposed with the skill & savvy that left Leonard truamatised. Roys gonna have to beat Ray up like Duran did & that just ai'nt gonna happen in Roy Jones Jr's case.
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