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Default Re: should be JMM called "El PAPA de Pacquiao" ?!

Originally Posted by flashy k.o View Post
First I want to say that a 5th fight is pointless as **** , period although the Bobfather has a totally different opinion

So after that brutal K.O , its legit to say metaphorically that Juan Manuel Marquez es "El PAPA de Pacquiao" ?!

IMO I think JMM fully deserves to be called metaphorically "El PAPA de Pacquao" , not only for his last K.O win against Pac which was "la justicia divina" but for the rest of his first 3 unofficial decision wins against Pac !

thoughts ?
as long as it brings 1 mln + PPV it has still big sense, they are professional boxers and they earn money for their retirement

second you are clearly Marquez fan or nuthugger so discussion with you seems pointels

in the reality neither PAC not Marquez has shown their clear dominance, even until the KO in last fight most people agree that is was the first fight PAC was winning on points
but KO was clear and if you like you can safely call Marquez as "El PAPA de Pacquiao"

... sooooo as along as they are OK with fighting eachother I see the point for for fifth fight
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