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Default Re: Top Ten Heaviest Heavyweight Punchers

My real list in no proper order...

1. Shavers - He was not an elite finisher but at some point you can not deny the opinions of those he faced.
2. Louis - Trip hammer timed, beautifully executed punches. The prettiest puncher the division ever saw and one of the most lethal.
3. Baer- Whatever boxing ability he possessed, he largely abandoned when entering the ring. What that left was his right hand and his gross over-commitment to it. Still, it iced folks.
4. Foreman - He punched bigger than his size... and he was ****ing huge. A thudder and bludgeoner who seemed to change the ring's gravity.
5. Lewis - Great right hand, very good hooks also. Elite finisher. A giant strong guy whose size and strength translated into his punches.
6. Tua - Smaller guy who got beastly leverage into his punches.
7. Tyson - Another sub 6-footer with amazing leverage but also great speed to boot. Lethal with the hook, uppercut and right. A very complete offensive package.
8. Wlad K - The reluctant warrior. Strong, athletic, FAST. Again, every opponent and sparring partner can't be wrong. Apparently he hits on another level when his psyche allows him.
9. Marciano - A special case as he really didn't compete in what we would call today a heavyweight division. Still, power well beyond his size. His opponents list of injuries could be frightful.
10. Tommy Morrison - OK, this might be a reach as he is the least of those listed, operating somewhere along the lines of a Shavers. A flawed fighter in many regards. Undedicated, under confident, over abused. But have you ever seen a heavyweight throw a more nature, faster, lethal hook?
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