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Default Re: Fury calling out on UFC champ Velasquez on Twitter

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
In order to get a grappling background in the first place you have to PAY A MAN TO WRAP HIS LEGS AROUND YOU.

Think about that for a second.

What type of ***GOT, PAYS FOR A MAN TO WRAP HIS LEGS AROUND YOU cuz they are afraid to fight like a man?

I got respect for people who kick, but kicking is kind of a ***** move, and it's dumb as a mother ****er. You walk on your legs. Only a ****in idiot would agree to participate in a sport where he gets his knees kicked out like a ****in moron.

Why would you sacrafice mobility for life? Dumb as hell.

Just stop being a ***** and box.
You are a walking sandy ******....
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