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Default Re: Top Ten Heaviest Heavyweight Punchers

The list is mostly in a Chronological order. This means old timers will be listed first. It does not mean I think Sullvian hits harder than Tyson or Shavers! I hope this is clear.

Criterion: This is a pure punching power type of list! The below five categories.

1 ) Fighter should have a high knock out percentage in his wins. We are grading power here, not chins. Punchers should usually stop journeyman type of opponents. If they do not, it is a negative against them.

2 ) KO's in non-heavyweight divisions do not count, but not stopping fighters in lower weight divisions is viewed as a slight negative. Power rarely increases when fighters move up in weight classes.

3 ) Stopping hard to stop contenderís in their primes or near primes matters. So do devastating knockouts that are far more than ten counts.

4 ) Quality of competition is considered. Some fighters fought much harder to hit and stop fighters than others.

5 ) Fighters who proved their power on film by hitting opponents or heavy bags with great force cement their status

6) Guys with numerous testimonials about their punching power are given extra considerations. This is especially true for fighters I have no seen on film.

The most qualified the fighters will rank highly in all six categories!

With that said here is the top 40 all time heavyweight punchers list:

1. Sullivan
2. Fitzsimmons
3. Maher
4. Slavin
5. Jeffries
6. McVey
7. Langford
8. Wills
9. Dempsey
10. Fripo
11 J. Louis
12. M. Baer
13. B Baer
14. Ray
15 Marciano
16. Patterson
17. Johansson
18. Liston
19. Frazier
20 Foreman
21. Shavers
22 Lyle
23 Witherspoon
24. ****ey
25. Page
26. Tyson
27. Bruno
28. Ruddock
29 Bowe
30. Morrison
31 Morrer
32. Briggs
33. Ibebuchi
34. Tua
35 C. Sanders
36. L. Lewis
37 Maskeav
38. V Klitschko
39. W Klitschko
40. Helenius

My top ten from the above list in no particular order is

Shavers, Baer, Foreman, Marciano, W. Klitschko, Tyson, Liston, Morrison, Louis, and Lewis
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