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Default Re: Fury calling out on UFC champ Velasquez on Twitter

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
I got respect for Thai boxing, but those mother ****ers are stupid as hell.

Why the **** you gonna kick someone in the legs and in the knee, so you're all ****ed up when you get older and can barely walk and then some ***** beats the **** outta you and takes your girl and your wallet.

As far as wrestlers...ain't no hetero***ual man gonna pay a man to wrap his legs around him like a pure faggot.

Why you think guys carry around knives and guns? They would rather kill a mother ****er than PAY a man to wrap his legs around them.

Let me give you a history lesson.

You know the Spartans? You know 300?

You see, those mother ****ers didn't want nobody coming on to their land to try to wrestle them like gay faggots and try to have gay *** and shit.

Greece at the time was notorius for homo***uality, so these guys got swords and shields and would KILL every mother ****er on the block just to not get touched by some naked dude.

You see, this all started from way back when.

Back in the day people just boxed. You know...that's the way it was.

But them somebody couldn't box because he was scared so he wrestled, and people eventually got sharp and used rocks to kill people.

So the guy bashed the mother ****er's head in with a rock.

Killed him.

And war got worse and worse as the gay homo***ual tactics got more advanced.

Pretty soon people are killin people with bombs and shit just to keep their distance because swords weren't enough.

That's how bad it is.

And now people are trying to bring this shit back? Man...that's going in reverse.

Nobody wants some violent homo***ual anywhere near them. They would kill them and have been for centuries.

That's how all wars started.

For all of you who didn't catch it the first time. This sums it up.
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