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Default Re: Fury calling out on UFC champ Velasquez on Twitter

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
You probably should have just let that die on the last page.

You made it clear you pay a man to wraps his legs around you, right?

Most grown men that **** females, unless they got one foot in the closet will not under any circumstance pay a man to wrap his legs around him.

So don't be surprised if you go to fight against a hetero***ual man and he's trying to box, but you for whatever reason cant' fight or you're scared to get hit, you go for the wrestle and end up gettin stabbed like a mother ****er.


I mean, just take a beating like a man...

It was your own fault that you got stabbed. If you woulda just kept it standing up throwing fists...****...that would be that.

But you had to go to the ground and now you face the consequences.

That's real life.

Most men are not tryin to dedicate their life to rollin around like some kinda *******ual.

I mean, I guess if a dude is not gay but he has a real small jimmy, like tiny as a mother ****er, he might be inclined to do that **** cuz he's mad he can't tear up the ***** and some real dude that ain't payin a man to wrap his legs around him is beatin the breaks off it.

You get what I'm sayin?

It it startin to make sense now?

Now, for this type of advice, I should get paid. The real question is, do you got a paypal account?
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