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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Originally Posted by des3995 View Post
I'd still say 10-8 providing they were roughly equal in impact. Most of the time, a KD would get the puncher a 10-8 round providing his opponent didn't emphatically outperform him for the resat of the round and cut it to 10-9.

So, in those circumstances, in theory, a boxer with a net gain of +1 KD would have earned a 10-8 round.

I guess.
Works for me.

Now, upping the degree of difficulty a little - what if Flamenco did the slightly better work during the two-and-a-half minutes they weren't knocking each other down? Like, strip away all the downs and it's a "close but clear" Flamenco frame? ...but he scores one KD, and Glass 2?

Still 10-8 Glass?
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