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Default Re: Pacquiao > Chavez

Originally Posted by Foxy 01 View Post
Ok so if we stick to Pac**** fanboy logic, then your hero started out at 106, and has climbed 41 lbs to 147, Duran started at 119, and had winning fights as high as 171 a difference of 52lbs.

However interestingly enough, Duran was only half an inch taller than Pac, yet had an inch SHORTER reach, but still managed to beat the 6'1", 74" reach Barkley for the WBC Middle title, and at no ****ing Catchweight, something the little Fillipino wouldn't even dream of having the courage to do IMO.
Who gives a **** where Duran started and where he ended.
The bottom line is that Duran was an elite fighter from 135 to 147 lbs.
Count them, a ****ing 12 lbs.

Past Welterweight, Duran could still compete, but he was no longer elite and so far from a p4p fighter.
Fighting as a middleweight on up Duran looked bloated and fat.
A ****ing fatso is what Duran was at those weights.

Pacquiao has been a world Champion elite type fighter from 112 all the way to 147 lbs, spanning 35 lbs.

Who gives a **** what these fighters weighed as under developed teenagers.
Duran at 21 years old was a lightweight.

Pacquiao at 21 years old was a ****ing flyweight and still fighting at an extreme high level 35 lbs heavier.

What ex flyweight champion fought better than ever at 147 lbs????

Exactly, there has'nt been any in history except Manny Pacroid!
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