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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Great post, Juicebox.

Even though I am a former Amateur MW, (where the rules were pretty clear) even I get confused on some aspects of PRO boxing.

- Partly I think because the different governing bodies actually have different rules, or sometimes they purposely leaves things grey, so they can more easily manipulate the results.

I only skimmed through so far, but here's a question that I've never seen answered, and good luck trying to find an answer online:



* What about blocked shots?

* What about shots to the arm?

* How about those wimp-assed sideways thumb-shots that Vitali was throwing at Manual Charr?

* EXACTLY how far to the side can you hit, on both body & head, before it's illegal? - And what if you hit on the side or back because your opponent turned/ ducked like a little ***** after you started throwing?

let the games begin ..........
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