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Default Re: If Floyd Mayweather Jr fought in the 80's, he'd be one of the FAB. It'd be the Fa

Duran murders the ****

What a load of **** anyone reckening Mayweather could beat the likes of Duran at 147 Just look at the way Duran dominated Palomino & truamatised SRL in Montreal

Who the **** has Mayweather fought at 147? Floyd is to slow & static in comparison to any of the fab 4, he dos'nt throw enough punches, yeh he'll look good against the likes of old man Mosley, shopworn Cotto, puffed up Marquez, dribbling village idiot Ortiz

Some of you clowns on here are ****ing mental! No way in a million years could mayweather beat any of the elite's. Duran outboxed leonard, he beat him handily & some muppets here recken the likes of Mayweather will beat Duran & lose to Leonard Duran & Leonard would both beat the **** out of him.

Mayweather is tailer made for Duran, laying on the ropes or leaning back in the corner is certain death, just look at the non-stop 3 minute beating he put onto Leonard in Montreal

No way ever would Mayweather get passed Benitez. Duran/Leonard/Hearns/Hagler/Benitez are Elites Tried tested & proven in battle.

Mayweather is a child of his times, navigate your way to the resident HBO golden goose & get yer face into that HBO $$$$ trough & make sure you stay there But avoid all clear & present dangers first. Let the compitition wipe each other out.

Even into his 30's Duran employed all the ring savvy to frustrate that undisputed monster called Hagler, wipes out Moore & decks another monster in Barkley & he acheived all this due to the simple fact that he is a master craftsman who extended his career due to sheer boxing excellence when facing naturally bigger & younger men.

Mayweather is that Kadasion slag of the boxing world.
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