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Default Re: The Real Reason Why Pacquiao Get's Hated on.

Originally Posted by Godsavethequeen View Post
Where were my excuses??? You are the ignorant mutha fukers, Tarring everyone with the same brush.


This is to the other SO called Fans of the sport who suggest Pacquiao takes on easy fight.. Tell me how is it that in an article on BN24 when rating US,UK,Mexican and Peurto Rican Fighters does the Writer Say " Floyd is P4P #1 because he beat the likes of ODLH, Cotto, Mosley, Hatton " Then you ****'s say Pac picks his fights lmao.
You also say Pac stands NO chance of beating Fraud, saying anyone that thinks he can DKSAB...Hmmm What were the odds of Buster Douglas beating Tyson???
I rest my case. Most of you *****'s are keyboard warriors living in your Momma's basement, jobless. And I agree there are some Pac fans who can not help but do as you do and are in denial about the last TWO JMM fights, BUT the Bradley fight was not even close....
Horrid post. Most pacturds DKSAB because they just been watching for not even 5 years. It's funny when one guy beats the same opponent but when they are better and gets less credit for it while Manny beats them in a lessened state and gets FOTD for it but is never held to same standards as the other individual and is given free passes on everything bull**** he does until he gets slid and now you want to cry injustice. Its actually true justce in all its glory. Another word is karma and now Manny's PR people are trying to say he has parkinsons. Shameless POS that Manny.
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