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Default Re: Morales Comeback, he'll be better than ever

Originally Posted by PhilthyRich View Post
What does Morales' comeback have to do with poochiao getting knocked out. I was laughing when he got knocked out what are you talking about and I don't care he did, it just shows how much more of a G Floyd is since Marquez couldn't even scratch him. This is about Morales and Barrera making a comeback since they are close to 40 and all the fans know with hard work and natural supplements then you too can look like a body builder
What does Marquez have to do with two other ATGs who are clearly shot because they had harder careers at an earlier age?
It's an attack on Marquez that's poorly disguised(albeit intentionally I suspect) so you can't blame people for calling you out on it.
Morales performance against Maidana fooled millions when the truth was he wasn't 40% of the fighter he was.
That comeback always worried me because I feared it would end badly.
Fighting Juanma now would be totally misrepresentative of the status a fight between them truly deserved.
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