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Default Re: Morales Comeback, he'll be better than ever

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
What does Marquez have to do with two other ATGs who are clearly shot because they had harder careers at an earlier age?
It's an attack on Marquez that's poorly disguised(albeit intentionally I suspect) so you can't blame people for calling you out on it.
Morales performance against Maidana fooled millions when the truth was he wasn't 40% of the fighter he was.
That comeback always worried me because I feared it would end badly.
Fighting Juanma now would be totally misrepresentative of the status a fight between them truly deserved.
Where's the jab at Marquez? Isn't he holder than the other two? If anything there's nothing but praise for Marquez. Being 40, who else can you name that has transformed his body and looked so great as well all through hard work and time in the gym taking natural supplements. What are you trying to imply? All I'm saying is if Marquez was able to do it, why can't those other 2. If all it takes is hard work and putting in that time like Marquez did then why can't those other two do it as well. Do you have something else in your mind that makes you think there's a jab at Marquez? Because all I'm saying is he was able to do it with hard work, so those other two should as well. People trying to call out as well must have something on their mind too. But me, it's all hard work and putting in that time in the gym.
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