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Default Re: Carl Froch to fight Adonis Stevenson next

Originally Posted by EL CABALLO View Post
hmmm... Soo, what happened with this guy????
Originally Posted by Kampioni View Post
So what's the scoop on Stevenson?
Man, word travels slow.

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Years before he turned pro - but already a legally competent adult - he led some (figurative and literal) gangbangers who forced young local girls into lives of prostitution, drugs, and violent physical abuse.

In fact as far back as 1998 it was documented by the Quebecois media that he had forced young girls to box each other naked and if they failed to knock each other out cold he'd intervene and "deliver the KO blow himself".
Confessed, tried, convicted.

Like George, he has since "paid his debt to society" and claims to be rehabilitated.. So, water under the bridge...right?
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