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Default Re: Creatine for boxers. Thoughts?

Originally Posted by wayneflint View Post
If your worried about the first 10 seconds of every round then creatine may have some tiny benefits to boxing but after the initial 10 seconds its basically useless, more water to carry at the expense of other energy systems throughout the fight, increased body temperature, a better idea would be to eat balanced meals of carb protien etc to refill glycogen storage and to do some intervals and long distance running evry so often, dont worry about somthing that is always present in the body and that the body has no interest in stockpiling, dont need no quotes or studys withoutwire just learn your basic anat phys. This is your research not ours
It's not just the first 10 seconds, due to the higher stores of creatine ATP is put back together faster, creatine helps with repeat sprints, repeat maximal efforts so therefore repeat bursts of punches. Creatine doesn't help with endurance performance probably because the ATP-PC system isn't used much and carrying around a bit of extra water will slow you down over a marathon. But boxing, amateur boxing anyway is only 9 minutes. It's more like repeat sprints rather than a marathon.
Studies have shown it has no negative effects on body temperature and there's research that shows it helps prevent against concussions effects:

Dr. Kreider: "From a neurological perspective, there are good reasons athletes, especially those in contact sports, should be taking creatine. Data was presented this summer showing that kids with traumatic brain injury have better outcomes and survival rates when put on a course of creatine than kids who don't get creatine. It's amazing how much neuroprotection occurs when these kids get creatine.

Same with concussions. People who have higher creatine concentrations in the brain show a neuroprotective effect. In contact sports like football, it makes sense that they should be taking creatine.

You could actually make the case that not allowing football players to take creatine would put them at higher risk than if they did. Creatine would help with concussions, temperature regulation, and recovery."

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